[webkit-qt] QWebPluginDatabase API?

Gordon Schumacher gordons at valleyhold.org
Mon Jun 21 08:13:33 PDT 2010

I wanted to try and re-open discussion regarding bug #27651, for adding
a public API for QWebPluginDatabase.  I have need of this functionality
in a project, and am willing to do the work to get that code up to the
level it needs to be in order to get accepted for merge.

I'd heard that there were some concerns about the API as it exists in
that patch, so I wanted to try and find out what the perceived problems
with it are, and see about what can be done to fix it.  Also, from
looking at the comments on that bug, it looks like one of the main
concerns is testability.  My thought was to write a very simple plugin
which could, say, return a fixed URL string.  Then, multiple versions of
that plugin could be built and installed into different paths, each
returning a different URL.  This way, it would be possible to verify
that the plugin is being loaded from the path that was set via this API.

So... what do folks think?

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