[webkit-qt] Rebasing QtWebKit 2.0 on current trunk?

benjamin.poulain at nokia.com benjamin.poulain at nokia.com
Sun Jun 13 15:34:03 PDT 2010

I also think it could be a good idea.
We have not integrated any work on new features yet, we are mostly working on stabilizing the tree. Others have also improved WebKit so a new branch could be worth it.

We could try it, branch when the bots are green, and compare reliability and performance between the two branches.
If we don't rebase, we should spend time to find all the important patches like the ones listed by Andreas.

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Subject: [webkit-qt] Rebasing QtWebKit 2.0 on current trunk?

Given the currently slipping schedules, should we perhaps consider rebasing QtWebKit 2.0 on current WebKit trunk?

Apple pushed some nice speed and memory improvements before releasing Safari 5 and these could really benefit us, not to mention the 4 months of "regular" work that WebKit has had since we originally branched off.

Some examples:


Yes, we could obviously cherry-pick these changes, but given the current timeframe, I personally think that rebasing (and re-entering stabilization mode) could be worthwhile.



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