[webkit-qt] Spellcheck in QtWebkit

David Xavier dvdxvr at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 14:58:35 PDT 2010

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for the response.

> It is not supported. There is no API for spell checking in Qt so this feature cannot be implemented in WebKit.

You say that "this feature cannot be implemented in WebKit" - I
thought that it already *was* in webkit as we can see this feature in
webkit based browsers such as FireFox and Safari .

Also, surely there are lots of aspects of webkit that don't have
specific APIs in Qt, yet we still use them in QtWebkit. For example,
my Qt based app is happily using the contentEditable and CSS features
of WebKit, and there is no specific Qt API for these features.

I thought you'd just enable it spell checking by setting a property of
an html element, like in my example (as mentioned, this example works
as expected in other webkit browsers, which made me believe the
feature was already implemented somewhere in webkit, but perhaps not
yet in QtWebkit.)


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