[webkit-qt] https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17360

Robert Hogan lists at roberthogan.net
Sun Jan 17 12:41:39 PST 2010

To pass test:


and get around the sort of issue described in:


[Summary of bug: ContentType text/plain should be ignored if data is 

Qt or QtWebKit needs to implement some sort of Content-Type processing, 
maybe that described in:


This manipulation should probably be done under
  case QHttpNetworkReplyPrivate::ReadingHeaderState:
  void QHttpNetworkConnectionChannel::receiveReply()
where Qt currently manipulates the content-length headers for gzipped 

Opening up a page of binary garbage is a common headache for users trying 
to download files so this seems like a worthwhile effort and I'm willing to 
implement the RFC referenced above. Is the Qt HTTP stack the right place? 
Would the patch be accepted?

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