[webkit-qt] Could use a few <pointers> trying to track down Java Applets sefault on Qt 4.6.2 WebKit

Garth Dahlstrom gdahlstrom at 2keys.ca
Thu Feb 18 02:58:36 PST 2010

Hi All, 

I'm a C++ noob, I'm trying to get Java Applet support added to QtWebkit...    At the moment, we have a Qt 4.5.3 patch that works, but I'm having some challenges in porting that patch up to 4.6.2.

Specifically, returning 
> return createPlugin(pluginSize, element, baseURL, paramNames, paramValues, "application/x-java-applet", true);
from \src\3rdparty\webkit\WebKit\qt\WebCoreSupport\FrameLoaderClientQt.cpp's FrameLoaderClientQt::createJavaAppletWidget is causing the application to Seg Fault...    I'm pretty clueless as to why this is the case

The patches are here:

If anyone has advice or can lend a hand, I would certainly appreciate it.


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