[webkit-qt] None-visible QWebFrame javascript exection

Henrik Hofmeister henrik at newdawn.dk
Fri Feb 12 05:46:23 PST 2010


I'm trying to load a webpage in the background and execute javascript within
the frame...

For some reason this does not work - i AM able to load the page , and also
able to render the frame via QPainter to QImage etc... but when calling
QWebFrame::evaluateJavaScript() nothing happens...

The application is CLI - but uses QApplication()...

Alså - the load and exectution is performed in an external static library ,
which is also used in a GUI client and here it is working as expected.

The application is a webscraper - where the GUI part is the dev tool for the
web scraper and the CLI app is the runner.

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated...

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