[webkit-qt] GraphicsContext and Canvas

noam.rosenthal at nokia.com noam.rosenthal at nokia.com
Thu Feb 4 08:05:43 PST 2010

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>From: Knoll Lars (Nokia-D-Qt/Oslo) 

>One thing worth considering is IMO to only use a QImage to 
>render the canvas content into, and avoid any 
>caching/conversion magic between images and pixmaps. We don't 
>get any HW acceleration for drawing with this, but it might 
>still be faster and easier than doing possible conversions 
>back and forth.

I don't see why we would need to convert back to an image at all if the user doesn't call getImageBuffer.
Many times all we do with canvas is transform; drawImage; fillRect; transform; drawImage; etc.
In that case, which is much more common than getting the image buffer or setting pixels directly, HW acceleration is crucial.


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