[webkit-qt] JSFunction as parameter in slot?

sunny shah sunny.cpp at gmail.com
Sat Dec 25 21:56:41 PST 2010


I want to write a Qt slot similar to following javascript,

    function testFunc( func1,func2,cond )
       if ( cond == 1)

Question for me is
1). how to receive Javascript function as an arguement?
2). how to call same JS function from C++ again.

Here are my non-efficient solutions,

For Q.1-> taking JSFunction arguement as a QString gives me full function
code, So in this case I need to write code to extract just function name
from there.

For Q.2-> I can call JS function by  QWebFrame::evaluateJavaScript, but for
this I need to construct a string of function name  + all the function

So is there any better solutions available for this problem?

Many Thanks,
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