[webkit-qt] QWebView history and anchors

keith.kyzivat at nokia.com keith.kyzivat at nokia.com
Sat Dec 25 15:37:02 PST 2010

You can give any link you'd like -- it uses that link to resolve relatively specified resources within the document like images, external javascript resources, and stylesheets.  The web content itself is still specified by your passed in QString.
You then can navigate it by using <base URL you passed to setHtml()>#<anchor> , and it should act a little better than it did with about:blank, since it should not be treated special.



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On 25.12.2010 19:17, benjamin.poulain at nokia.com wrote:
> Hi,
> This mailing list is about the development of QtWebKit itself and not about how to use it. It would be better to use http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/viewforum/21/ for such questions.
> But :)
> 1) Don't relative links works?
> 2) about:blank is a special case with special handling here and there in WebKit. You can give a baseUrl as argument to QWebFrame::setHtml(). A regular, non-reserved url should appear in the history.
> cheers,
> Benjamin
Hi Benjamin,
Sorry about that, I thought this mailing list is for users.

1) Yes, relative links work.
2) That is the point, what kind of link should I give? My HTML data
exists only in memory, in QString variable.

Yours sincerely,
Vyacheslav V. Yurkov

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