[webkit-qt] QtWebkit2.1 version number

Koskinen Janne Janne.P.Koskinen at digia.com
Tue Dec 21 06:49:43 PST 2010

>If there is a real technical problem, then I'm all for 
>investigating a binary 
>version change. If the problem is Symbian specific, then maybe 
>we should look 
>for a symbian / sis-file specific solution (different 
>versioning there?). If the 
>problem can be limited to "confusing things presented to the 
>user", then I 
>think we should ignore the problem :)

There is no technical problem if the version number is increased on every release (2.1->4.8, 2.2->4.9, 2.3->5.0). But it will not be in sync with release numbers nor with Qt. Annoyance is for QtWebkit user and for application end user to map these numbers to get what they need.
I'm fine with this approach as well, even if it means more madness to Symbian development experience.


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