[webkit-qt] could not set content size for FrameView under WinCE 5.0 MIPS

Robin Qiu robin.qiu at torchmobile.com.cn
Tue Dec 21 06:06:53 PST 2010

There many different sizes affects the page size, have you tried viewport size?

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Subject: [webkit-qt] could not set content size for FrameView under WinCE 5.0 MIPS

HI, i have a problem, i want to use the webkit rendering a html file, the html file only contains text, and when i use the webkitlauncher.exe load the html file,

i see the document Width and Document Height are 2236, 2874, so i have to use scrollbar to view the whole text,

i just want only use the vertical Scrollbar, and do not want use the horizontal Scrollbar,

so i just call FrameView::setContentsSize(800, 600) , but the layout do not changed, and then i call ScrollView::setUseFixedLayout(true) , scrollView::setFixedLayoutSize(800, 600), but the layout is not changed too, so i am very puzzled how to make the webkit rendering the html with a given width.

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