[webkit-qt] QtWebkit2.1 version number

Koskinen Janne Janne.P.Koskinen at digia.com
Tue Dec 21 00:37:26 PST 2010

Hi all, this is my last attempt on this even if the bug was closed etc.

QtWebkit.sis on QtWebkit2.1 branch is currently versioned as 4.8.0.
If we keep this version when Qt 4.8 is out or new version of QtWebkit is released it will need to be incremented.
This means that Qt 4.8 would have QtWebkit version 4.9 or that Qt 4.8 would have to ship with QtWebkit2.1.

Problem is that user will see this number if manually installing. Installer prompts "xxx needs QtWebkit 4.8.0(0), are you sure you want to install?" and will be pretty bad as there is no such version anywhere.

Worse problem is that smart installer will use these numbers to determine which version of QtWebkit is required to run application x. 
We cannot change the sis file numbers to 2.1.0 as we have already deployed Qt and there are applications that depend on QtWebkit version 4.6.3 or 4.7.0 and as such those version would have to be installed to be able to run them as they both are higher version than 2.x.x.

This is simplification of the issue, add Symbian file eclipising, add version number size restrictions and you start to feel why this is baaad.

My original suggestion was to have QtWebkit 2.1.0 sis version to be 20.1.0(0). Issue won't manifest until it is too late to do anything about it.


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