[webkit-qt] QtWebKit-2.2 branch is now open

Ademar Reis ademar.reis at openbossa.org
Mon Dec 20 12:39:36 PST 2010

On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 12:25 PM, Andreas Kling <andreas.kling at nokia.com> wrote:
> On 12/17/2010 06:54 PM, ext henry.haverinen at nokia.com wrote:
>>>> You possibly had discussed that, but why not make 2.2 to be 2.1, since
>>>> the later is not release yet.
>> QtWebKit 2.2 is indeed a bit confusing name for the branch that Ademar
>> just created. It could be called 2.1.1 (or something like that) instead,
>> since the intent is only to back-port HTML5 media support on mobile
>> platforms to once it is ready. No new C++ APIs should be needed for that.  I
>> don't think we'll have to maintain 2.1 and this branch separately since
>> they'll be very much the same.
> Can we hear from someone who is *for* this? It seems that everyone is
> against it so far :)

Henry, do we have confirmation that 2.2 will obsolete 2.1 by the time
it's released? (By obsoleting I mean it'll be released as an update
for devices and SDKs running 2.1). Otherwise calling it 2.1.X won't
make sense, as it'll remove the option of releasing updates (e.g.
security fixes) for 2.1.

If you confirm that (I know it's not completely your call... it's a
decision that will impact several stakeholders), I'll rename the
branch to 2.1-future or 2.1.wip. Ideally a minor revision should not
include new features, but releasing it as an update will be less
painful than keeping two versions alive.

Anyway, we could call it 2.1.plusafewstuff, 2.1.special or
2.1.veeeerynice. The problem is not in the release number itself. It's
in the fact that we're working on two stabilization versions which
will be released on still undefined dates and sharing mostly the same
codebase. And that fragmentation problem is what we'll concentrate on
fixing for next versions.

Merry Christmas ;-)
  -  Ademar

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