[webkit-qt] Adding Javascript Bindings

Michael Ditum mike at mikeditum.co.uk
Thu Dec 16 10:03:23 PST 2010


I'm using QWebFrame's addToJavaScriptWindowObject function to extend the
javascript API available. Mostly this is working great, I have a couple of
questions though;

1. What's the best way of handling adding event listeners and raising events
with my javascript API?

Currently I'm using the following syntax to assign an event listener...

JSBinding.onEvent = "CallFunction()";

and then I use QWebFrame's evaluateJavaScript to raise the event. This has a
couple of down sides; Only one event listener can be registered at once,
it's not easy to pass parameters into the function and it's handled
differently to adding normal js event listeners. Is there any way to be able
to pass a javascript function in so I can store that and then call it later
on with the parameters I need? I've tried specifying the function's
parameter as a QVariant but the function just seems to be provided as a
VariantMap with 0 items.

2. Is it possible to return an object from a javascript call that behaves
like an object added with addToJavaScriptWindowObject ?

I can easily returns ints, strings, lists of strings and integers, etc. I've
also been able to return the equivalent of a JSONified object (i.e. just
data) by returning it as a QMap<QString, QVariant>, however what I would
like to do is is return an object that has properties and methods (through
slots) so the javascript can interact with my c++ objects directly. If I try
to return an object I get a compiler error saying that QObject's copy
constructor is private, if I return a pointer to an Object I get an empty
string returned and if I try and return the object inside a QVariant I again
get copy constructor compiler errors. I don't know if I'm doing something
incorrectly to cause these compiler errors or if it's just not currently

Both of these issues I can easily work around (evaling code for 1 and
providing a procedural style API for 2) so if these things are not possible
it's not a huge deal. I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed anything
before I set my Javascript API in stone.


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