[webkit-qt] QtTestBrowser slowness when launched from visual studio

Baldeva, Arpit abaldeva at ea.com
Mon Dec 13 17:38:36 PST 2010


I have QtTestBrowser building inside visual studio with the help provided earlier on this forum. I am building the "release" binary. Today, I noticed that the sunspider JavaScript benchmark performance results are twice as slow when I launch the executable from inside visual studio(Start Debugging - F5 command). The test suite finishes in about 800 ms. Note that when launched from inside visual studio without debugging(Start without debugging - Ctrl+F5), the performance is quite nice (The test suite finishes in about 380 ms). My binary is same in both the cases(release). While I expect some performance hit when launching with debugging, I don't expect the performance to drop in half. Is this is a known thing?

So far I have tried following.

*         Disabled exceptions.

*         Added _NO_DEBUG_HEAP=1 in all the projects and rebuilt. I have already defined QT_NO_DEBUG and NDEBUG(That came by default in generated solution).

Any help is appreciated.


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