[webkit-qt] no interpolation after scale image to a larger size?

chunrong lai chunronglai at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 23:44:02 PDT 2010

hi, colleagues:
    I am testing qtWebkit with some canvas pages and see QtWebkit probably
does no interpolation after scale image to a larger size, while Chromium
probably does.
    I tested QtWebkit with the native engine and raster engine on
http://editor.pixastic.com/ and the results look the same. What I did are
    (1) Select an image from file->sample Image menu
    (2) Halve the size from transform->resize menu
    (3) Recover the size using resize again
    After that I can see Chromium generates a smooth (but blurred) image
while QtWebkit generates a blocked image as the attachment.
    Are above test/results fine? Can I do some quick workaround for that?
    Thanks a lot for the feedback.
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