[webkit-qt] 'undefined reference' build errors for Webkit and Qt Embedded

David Pham hello at davidkpham.com
Fri Aug 20 08:16:27 PDT 2010

Hi Haithem,

Here is the command that is causing this error:

arm-none-linux-gnueabi-g++ -Wl,-z,origin
-Wl,-O1 -o ../../bin/QtTestBrowser locationedit.o launcherwindow.o main.o
mainwindow.o urlloader.o utils.o webpage.o webview.o fpstimer.o
moc_locationedit.o moc_launcherwindow.o moc_mainwindow.o moc_urlloader.o
moc_webinspector.o moc_webpage.o moc_webview.o moc_fpstimer.o
qrc_QtTestBrowser.o    -L/home/david/webkit/WebKitBuild/Release/lib
-L/usr/local/Trolltech/QtEmbedded-4.7.0-arm/lib -lQtWebKit
-L/usr/local/Trolltech/QtEmbedded-4.7.0-arm/lib -lQtUiTools
-L/home/david/qt/lib -lQtXml -lQtGui -lQtNetwork -lQtCore -lm -ldl -lrt


On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 7:53 AM, haithem rahmani
<haithem.rahmani at gmail.com>wrote:

>> While running ./build-webkit --qt for Qt Embedded, I'm running into this
>> error which I can't figure out how to solve:
>> http://gist.github.com/539804
>> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Could you provide the link command ?
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