[webkit-qt] Roadmap? Bugtracking?

marc.foell at lhsystems.com marc.foell at lhsystems.com
Tue Aug 17 08:49:08 PDT 2010

Dear QtWebKit developers,

I am quite new to development with QtWebKit. Since a few weeks I am implementing a HTML / JavaScript based Frontend for our multimedia Infotainment system for cruise ships. This includes integration of TV and Video on Demand applications, integration of TV set control, integration with our server side middleware, etc.

The platform we use is Linux x86, I currently develop with Qt 4.6.3.

So far Qt in general and QtWebKit work really, really fine and I think I am 95% done with the job. ;-)

I came across two problems with QtWebKit so far though:

1. It does not draw box shadows: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34479
I actually applied the patch I found attached to the bug report to a current WebKit nightly build and it works with our pages. (Not that I did not believe that, I just wanted to try and see how difficult applying a patch would be.)

2. It does not use the fonts stated in HTML: I have not found a bug report, but I see different behaviour with the WebKit in Qt 4.6.3, QtWebKit 2.0 weekly build 32, QtWebKit trunk weekly build 32.

So to summarize this: I have found no information in which releases of QtWebKit we can expect which fixes. And when the releases are planned. I skimmed some of the Trac Wiki pages, followed some links to the WebKit Bugzilla and the Qt JIRA but did not get it.

Am I just a bit blind?

What I understood though: QtWebKit 2.0 will be part of Qt 4.7 and can be used with Qt 4.6.

Best regards, Marc

Marc Föll
Software Developer

Lufthansa Systems
E-Mail: marc.foell at LHsystems.com
Internet: www.LHsystems.com

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