[webkit-qt] PageClient Refactor and a new setView() use case

Jesus Sanchez-Palencia jesus.palencia at openbossa.org
Thu Apr 29 06:02:48 PDT 2010

Hello there, QtWebKit hackers!

I've been working on a PageClient refactor for QtWebKit.
The main motivation for this came from the fact that nowadays our API
has QWebPage::setView(QWidget*) but has nothing to deal with
People were starting to do QWebPage::setView(QGraphicsView*), but this was
leading us to bugs since the API is not ready to deal with the QGraphicsView

So, I've prepared 2 patches for this:

- one refactor for the QWidget's PageClient (
https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=37858), which is already landed;

- and a more complex one for adding a QGraphicsWidget PageClient and a
QWebPage::setView(QGraphicsWidget*) (

This last one, basically, moved code from QGraphicsWebViewPrivate (including
Tiling and AC specific stuff) to a "real" PageClient and removed the
inheritance from it (this private class _was_, in fact, the PageClient of
the QGraphicsWebView).

I'd like some feedback from you in order to understand what do you think
about this patch and if you consider this new setView API a valid use case
or not.
I'm aware that Plasma (from KDE) is using it and that it might be useful for
the QML folks.

Also, should this go into QtWebKit 2.0 or should we just leave it for
QtWebKit 2.1?

I already have the r+ for the patch, but we agreed to wait for this
discussion before deciding when to land it.

Best regards,
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