[webkit-qt] feature request: get selection rect

Benjamin Poulain benjamin.poulain at nokia.com
Thu Apr 29 00:54:48 PDT 2010

ext Roman Evstifeev wrote:
> Can something like this be added to QtWebKit? (mybe in more appropriate place)
> QRectF QWebPage::selectionRect() const {
>   return d->page->focusController()->focusedOrMainFrame()->selectionBounds(false);
> }
> Usecase:
> I need to know current selection Rect, because i have few QWebViews
> lined up, and showed in the scrollArea.
> (see screenshot
> http://kde-apps.org/content/preview.php?preview=1&id=122981&file1=122981-1.png&file2=&file3=&name=NExp
> )
> Scrollbars of QWebViews a turned off, and i need to scroll with my
> scrollArea to the selection, like a single QWebView does.
> knowing selectionRect i easily can know the position, to which i should scroll.

Is the selection done by the search of text? We know we have a missing 
API to scroll to a position when the view should:
-scroll to an anchor
-scroll to the selected text of a search

Is your case another usecase?


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