[webkit-qt] How to register an application as a specific url schema handler in QtWebKit

colin121 colin121 at 163.com
Wed Apr 28 02:40:30 PDT 2010

Hi all:

Does anybody know how to register an application as your custom protocol handler in WebKit/QtWebKit/arora? 
Please let me know if there is an easy one, really appreciate your work.
I'm considering using QtWebkit in an embed device to demonstrate my own web page. 
In my page, I have some links which have specific shema, like: custom://abc.com/xxx.
when users click such link, I want to launch a local application to handle this url.
I know in Windows, browsers usually read these configures from registry. So how about the implementation of WebKit in Linux?

implementing PolicyDecisions ?  http://diotavelli.net/PyQtWiki/Adding%20the%20Gopher%20Protocol%20to%20QtWebKit
Netscape-Style Plug-ins£¿ 
WebKit¨CBased Plug-ins£¿ 

any suggestions would be usable :-)  


colin chan
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