[webkit-qt] XMLHttpRequest misbehaving on Windows [Was: jsMath behavior different on win vs. linux]

Carter, Nathan NCARTER at bentley.edu
Mon Apr 26 11:01:59 PDT 2010

I spent a lot of time today trying to make a small, reproducible example that behaves differently on Mac/*nix versus Windows.  But my problem is that in my large application in which the problem originally manifested, I'm using an awful lot of 3rd-party JavaScript code (jsMath).  That code does tons of stuff that I'm not totally aware of, which may have a big impact on my ability to reduce the bug to something I can reproduce.

I tried to make a simple Qt app that just creates a QWebView and then in it runs some JavaScript code that tries to make an XMLHttpRequest to the local filesystem; this is what was behaving differently in my large application.  However, I must be doing something wrong because now I can't get it to succeed on any platform.  Perhaps jsMath was doing some helpful setup of the JavaScript engine/space that I don't know about that was enabling this to work on some platforms.

I'm sorry that I don't have time to continue to plug away at this.  I guess it could be a jsMath bug, because jsMath makes a lot of queries about what browser it's running in, to try to be cross-platform; it may not expect whatever answers it's getting from a QWebView, and thus be making bad decisions.

Nathan Carter

On Apr 26, 2010, at 3:01 AM, Benjamin Poulain wrote:

> ext Carter, Nathan wrote:
>> Just for closure's sake, I'll report that this invasive and inelegant
>> solution solves my problem for now, but is definitely not preferable.
>> If XMLHttpRequest began behaving the same on all platforms, that
>> would be much better.  Is this a known bug or should I try to create
>> an example I can submit?
> It is definitively worth creating an example showing the problem of 
> XMLHttpRequest.
> I have added Markus in CC, he is the more able to solve networking issues.
> Benjamin

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