[webkit-qt] QtWebKit, QtWebKit 2 and... WebGL

Ivan De Marino ivan.de.marino at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 08:12:38 PDT 2010

Hi Jarkko.
Happy to see you here and thanks to take the time to answer.

Anyway, what I did is more or less following the instructions.
I compiled with: "..build-webkit --qt --3d-canvas --3d-rendering --release
(or --debug)".
I tried on Linux Ubuntu Karmic and Lucid. The first with an Nvidia GeForce
6something, the second with a Nvidia Quadro for laptop.
Both using Nvidia closed-source drivers.

Good news of today is: I played with the options in the "developer" menu of
the test application and I figured out how to see the 3d Canvas: I have to
do those steps
- Load a page with a 3d-Canvas within
- Enable WebGL
- Enable QGraphicsView
- Disable Composite

And I have to do it again for every new page. I read "quickly" that there is
something going on wrong with the composite-thing (I don't really know what
"Composite" is, I must say) in QtWebKit, so I guess is being

That's the story on Linux, more or less.

On Mac OS X, instead, until yesterday morning I was unable to build with
3d-canvas enabled. I'll give it another go tonight: I saw that there are a
lot of commits this morning.

Hope it's detailed enough ;)
If not, let me know and I'll elaborate more.

*A question: are you aware if this could build within the Scratchbox-SDK of
Fremantle? My final aim is to have a WebView that is WebGL enabled in Maemo
5 ;)*

On 26 April 2010 11:06, <Jarkko.Sakkinen at tieto.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I just joined the mailing list (through my gmail address). Easiest way to
> reach me is however through
> in QtWebKit IRC channel. And note also that  I'm doing this when I have
> free time. That's why progress
> is not always  that rapid. Currently there isn't much new stuff. The major
> thing is to get fast drawTexture
> blitting of FBO when AC is enabled (35388). I'll also try to answer
> upcoming questions as they help me
> to improve the implementation.
> Some pending issues:
> - https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35388 (I have already updated
> patch on my laptop
> for this, submitting soon. Uses QGLContext::drawTexture with AC and
> QGLWidget viewport to
> get really smooth rendering (4.7 required))
> - https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=37772 (I have already fixed
> similar issue in other place
> that relates to assumption coming from Apple WebKit that WebGL is available
> only if AC is enabled).
> Ivan De Marino can you elaborate the steps that you did with QtLauncher
> starting from when
> you start the application.   What options you used to compile webkit (--qt
> --3d-canvas?). What
> graphics hardware you have?
> BR, Jarkko
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> From: Benjamin Poulain [benjamin.poulain at nokia.com]
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> To: ext Ivan De Marino; webkit-qt at lists.webkit.org; Sakkinen Jarkko
> Subject: Re: [webkit-qt] QtWebKit, QtWebKit 2 and... WebGL
> ext Ivan De Marino wrote:
> > Ok, I managed to build on linux desktop x86 Ubuntu Karmic.
> >
> > But when I go on a website that uses the 3D canvas (I'm using "WebGL
> > lessons"), and enable the "toggle WebGL", I still don't see anything
> > (white instead of the canvas) and the entire pc get's
> > sluggish/unresponsive. Everything back to normal as soon as I click on
> > "toggle WebGL" to disable it.
> >
> > Any clue?
> I don't think the developer of the feature is on the mailing list. I
> have added him in CC.
> Jarkko, we have regularly questions about WebGL, could you join the
> mailing list "webkit-qt"?
> cheers,
> Benjamin

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