[webkit-qt] Webkit can't load any pages on MIPS with windows CE 6.0

Benjamin Poulain benjamin.poulain at nokia.com
Mon Apr 26 01:05:36 PDT 2010

ext Hui Tang wrote:
>   I compiled qt webkit for Windows CE6.0 on MIPS, when I start to run qt 
> demo browser, it can’t load any pages at all; it just sit there, not 
> showing any page.
> What’s the problem? I am stopped by it, and don’t know how to do now, 
> please give me some advices.

This is not enough information to give you any hint. You should start to 
debug the network stack to find if the requests are emitted, and the 
responses are loaded.

Also which version of Webkit and Qt are you using?

İsmail Dönmez might be able to help on problems specific to Windows CE 
but we need a place to start.


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