[webkit-qt] QtWebKit, QtWebKit 2 and... WebGL

Benjamin Poulain benjamin.poulain at nokia.com
Fri Apr 23 07:55:09 PDT 2010

ext Ivan De Marino wrote:
> Ok, I managed to build on linux desktop x86 Ubuntu Karmic.
> But when I go on a website that uses the 3D canvas (I'm using "WebGL 
> lessons"), and enable the "toggle WebGL", I still don't see anything 
> (white instead of the canvas) and the entire pc get's 
> sluggish/unresponsive. Everything back to normal as soon as I click on 
> "toggle WebGL" to disable it.
> Any clue?

I don't think the developer of the feature is on the mailing list. I 
have added him in CC.

Jarkko, we have regularly questions about WebGL, could you join the 
mailing list "webkit-qt"?


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