[webkit-qt] startAnimation and nativeImageForCurrentFrame order

Zoltan Herczeg zherczeg at inf.u-szeged.hu
Mon Apr 19 04:33:07 PDT 2010


I am not sure this is a potential bug, but I would be curious about your

In ImageQt.cpp - BitmapImage::draw: In my machine the
nativeImageForCurrentFrame() clears the m_reader argument of
ImageDecoderQt through forceLoadEverything() call. The startAnimation()
requires this m_reader to detect the paramters of any animation. Since the
startAnimation() is called before nativeImageForCurrentFrame(), the
animation works here.

In Image.cpp - Image::drawTiled (both) calls Qt specific drawPattern()
before the startAnimation(), and naturally, drawPattern() (in ImageQt.cpp)
calls nativeImageForCurrentFrame() to get the current frame. Since
nativeImageForCurrentFrame() clears the m_reader, the animation probably
never starts in Qt.

If I understand correctly, WebKit probably does not force any calling
order for startAnimation() and nativeImageForCurrentFrame(), while the Qt
implementation does. Am I see right? Is this intended?


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