[webkit-qt] QtWebKit with reduced feature set for embedded platforms

Simon Hausmann simon.hausmann at nokia.com
Thu Apr 8 01:45:17 PDT 2010


With Qt for embedded platforms we have the ability to disable various features 
in Qt to reduce the library size. The features largely evolve around not 
compiling certain classes, such as QMenu, QColorDialog or QAction, as well as 
more general features such as QObject properties.

The features are controlled using defines, i.e. there's QT_NO_PROPERTIES, 
QT_NO_CONTEXTMENU, QT_NO_PRINTER. We have a few of these in place the code.

Tasuku has been looking into compiling QtWebKit with less features enabled, 
such as properties and QActions. See




Adding the feature #ifdefs adds a maintenance burden and clutters the code. On 
the upside it makes it possible to use QtWebKit in much more restricted 
environments, with limited functionality though.

What do you guys think about this? Do you feel this is a useful thing to have 
and maintain?

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