[webkit-qt] Bugs scheduled for this week

Benjamin Poulain benjamin.poulain at nokia.com
Tue Apr 6 05:33:08 PDT 2010


Here are the list of bugs we would like to look at this week and the 
person following them if any:
29413 - Load of SSL web site fails in handshake: ???
35830 - Unable to use Hotmail.com mail features: Kent
33280 - ACID3 test crash: Laszlo
34730 - Null QObjects properties cause Segmentation Fault: Andreas
36538 - Add mechanism to detect QtWebKit 2.0 via the preprocessor: Simon
29542 - Mac OS X: JavaScriptCore crashes when running Tiger binary on 
29431 - QWebFrame::setScrollBarPolicy() has no effect: Antonio
36290 - WebKit crash when leaving the application after loading certain 
URLs: Benjamin
35964: Browser crashed on "www.thepaperboy.com": Andreas && Benjamin

Happy bug hunting :)

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