[webkit-qt] Extending the hybrid support of QtWebkit to more types: feedback please!

noam.rosenthal at nokia.com noam.rosenthal at nokia.com
Tue Dec 29 14:22:45 PST 2009

Hi Simon

(~btw sorry for re-posting the idea on bugzilla, I got this email late...)

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>QtWebkit to more types: feedback please!
>> How about the following alternative:
>> 	var pxm = myQObject.someQPixmapProperty;
>> 	var img = pxm.createImageElement();
>> 		// or
>> 	someOtherImg.style.backgroundImage = "url("+ 
>> pxm.toDataURL("image/jpeg")+  ")";
>> 	So it's basically a custom JS object that looks like:
>> 	{
>> 		width: ...,
>> 		height: ...,
>> 		createImageElement: function() {...},
>> 		toDataUrl: function(mimeType) {...}
>> 	}
>> Is this a workable approach?
>That looks much better :-), makes it much more explicit what's 

OK, will send a patch soon!

>Hmm, the next question for me is then: What's the most 
>Just prototyping:
>        QVariant data = myPixmap;
>	QUri url = 
>webPage->networkAccessManager()->addResource(data); // 
>mime-type is implied by QVariant type
>	QWebElement img = ...;
>	img.setAttribute("src", url.toEncoded());

Yeh, that should work - though it means objects like BitmapImageQt.cpp need to know QNetworkAccessManager in order to access the actual QVariant
I don't know if I have a better solution though, apart from exposing it directly to QTextBrowser the same way I do it with webkit here...

But maybe after we make the webkit use-case work and get it to be more mature, we'll know more about what makes sense for other use cases?



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