[webkit-qt] OSX, NPAPI plugin and Graphics View

Luc Devallonné luc.devallonne at mnemis.com
Mon Dec 14 06:48:21 PST 2009


We would like to propose a patch to the WebKit Qt port to support
running flash content within the GraphicsView framework on OSX

I beleive that it is related to the following bug:

In order to achieve that, we had to update QtWebKit and some QtGui classes

1. Get the plugin to draw to the correct graphic context

- Fix the Mac QPaintEngine to return the proper Core Graphics handle
- Export QMacCGContext
- Draw to the proper context

2. Route properly mouse events

- Offset mouse event depending on the position of the web view within
the scene (http://qt.gitorious.org/+mnemis/qt/mnemogit/commit/fe9b61c4dcfbb69d11ee385884a0b46184a04b81)

So my problem here is that we need to submit modifications to both Qt
and QtWebKit, where the QtWebKit part depends on the changes to QtGui,
what is the best way to do that ?

- Submit everything to the Qt master branch ?
- Submit first the QtGui changes to the Qt master branch, and later
submit the QtWebKit patch ?


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