[webkit-qt] Planning content for QtWebKit releases

henry.haverinen at nokia.com henry.haverinen at nokia.com
Mon Dec 7 04:46:27 PST 2009

Hi everyone,

As this is my first post on the list, I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Henry Haverinen, a product manager
working for Qt Development Frameworks.

We've stated to plan how to separate QtWebKit releases from Qt releases, in order to be able to
release QtWebKit more frequently. As a part of that plan, we've started to gather suggestions
for QtWebKit in Qt bugreports: http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTWEBKIT.

Our target is to discuss and plan the high-level topics and major features for QtWebKit in this tool.
Please continue to use webkit.org Bugzilla for bugs and small tasks.

We're hoping to get a lot of feedback, contributions and collaboration around the topics by being
open about our plans.

Best regards,

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