[webkit-jobs] Igalia is hiring

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at igalia.com
Tue Nov 14 07:01:45 PST 2017

At Igalia, we are looking to hire a developer for our browsers team, 
with a particular focus on graphics and rendering.

This particular position requires collaboration with the WebKit 
community in order to both maintain and improve WebKit's rendering 
pipeline. As one of the most critical parts of a web engine used by 
millions of people this work provides an interesting challenge, as 
WebKit should maintain 60 frames per second on a variety of devices and 
with a variety of web content.

There are no hard requirements for applying, though relevant experience 
(C++, OpenGL, computer graphics) and a willingness to learn are 
welcome. Equally, it is not necessary that candidates have prior 
experience contributing to WebKit or browsers, but it may prove useful 
for this position.

Apply online at: 
We have other open positions as well: 
Igalia is a worker-owned, employee-run company with 16 years of 
experience building open source software in a wide range of exciting 
fields. We work on the core of such widely-deployed projects as the 
WebKit and Blink browser engines, the Mesa graphics drivers, the V8 and 
JavaScriptCore language runtimes, and the GStreamer multimedia toolkit. 
We are also at the cutting edge of high-speed software-defined 
networking with our work on Snabb Switch. At Igalia, you can develop 
your career in a unique environment, participating equally in the 
management of the company via our democratic, consensus-based assembly 

Igalia is a remote-friendly working environment, enabling employees all 
over the world to participate fully in the company culture. Our team 
includes employees based on Asia, Europe and America, spanning both 
timezones and cultures.

One of the core principles of Igalia is equality, so we feel a deep and 
continual obligation to acknowledge and counter the structural 
discrimination that permeates our industry and our world. In a 
practical sense this means that we have a permanent diversity 
commission that helps to shape company policy and that maintain a safe 
and inclusive work environment. We also feel that one of the best ways 
to accomplish these goals is to grow and maintain the diversity of 
Igalia itself. We welcome applicants regardless of their age, 
disability, gender, race, marital status, religion, sexual orientation 
or whatever type of systemic discrimination that they have faced.

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