[webkit-jobs] Webkit Fork - Developers Needed

Alexander Hanff a.hanff at think-privacy.com
Sat Jun 7 09:50:28 PDT 2014

Hi everyone,


We are looking for developers to fork Webkit and make some changes to it. We
anticipate we will need 4-6 developers to make the changes we need and are
reaching out to this list to see if anyone is interested.


Our ideal candidates will be very familiar with core functionality of webkit
and have experience in submitting code to the main branch.  We will be
making some fairly significant changes to how Webkit works with respect to
privacy so if you have experience with cookie management, local storage and
other areas relating to storage and access to data on the end user's
terminal equipment.


Desirable additional skills would include familiarity with cross compiling
for multiple platforms (mobile and desktop / 32bit and 64bit) and User
Interface development.


Our plan is to build a new web browser based on WebKit so if you are
interested please get in touch with me via a dot hanff at think hyphen
privacy dot com 


These are paid roles and our rates are competitive.




Alexander Hanff

Chief Executive Officer

Think Privacy Inc.


Twitter: @alexanderhanff

LinkedIn: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/alexanderhanff/

Web Site: http://www.think-privacy.com/ 


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