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Mobile Browser Development Role

Number of Jobs: 2

Our customer has recently opened an R&D Centre in Finland which is
dedicated to the development of mobile OS for high end wireless products.This team is currently being
established and applicants that decide to peruse this could enjoy a key role in
a new and exciting project. At the moment the team comprises only of
Senior/Expert engineers and so it is a requirement new hires need to be working
at a similar level.
Type:Long Term Contract or Permanent
Title:Mobile/Terminal Senior HTML/Browser Project work
Job/Project Description
Develop and optimize Webkit with GPU accelerated for mobile systems(such as for CSS 3D)
Develop and optimize WebKit Engine for mobile systems (such as optimize 2D render engine performance for browser to choose to use CPU/GPU properly).
Develop and optimizeGoogle V8 engine for mobile systems (such as Google V8 engine to use multi-core CPU/GPU).
Provide continued development support for previous products
Develop the tools and utilities to support the product development process
Job Requirements
Bachelor or higher degree in computer science, software architectures, Compiler, Operating Systems and/or 
Working experience or adaptability to diverse working and developing environments is required 
Candidates must have excellent oral and written English communication skills. Chinese would be a plus.
Expertise in C/C++
Strong written and verbal communication skills with both technical and non-technical audiences
Experience with OpenGL ES or other 3D technologies
Familiarity with the CSS 3D development
Familiarity with the WebKit codebase
Familiarity with the google V8 engine or a comparative product
Familiarity with UNIX/Linux/Android/Tizen/B2G system
Experience with ARM architecture, compiler, and virtual machine
Experience with open source project development
Experience with Android development
Experience with Garbage collection for Java or JavaScript
Experience with memory management for Webkit 

In order to make an application or to get more specific details please send me an
email with your contact details and a CV or a summary of your skills: daniel.wilson at explanotech.com

Best Regards,

Daniel Wilson 
Business Development Manager

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