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Adam Hyde adam.hyde at sourcefabric.org
Tue May 22 02:15:01 PDT 2012

please pass this around:

Sourcefabric is looking for a new Booktype programmer to add to our team.
Booktype is the software originally developed by FLOSS Manuals called
Booki. Please send your resume and cover letter to adam.hyde at
sourcefabric dot org with jobs at sourcefabric dot org in cc. Details at
the following URL and below.

Booktype Programmer

Sourcefabric is currently looking for an intermediate programmer to join
our team. You'll be working on Booktype, our open source book production
platform and its rendering software Objavi.

Booktype is a free, open source platform that produces beautiful, engaging
books formatted for print, Amazon, Lulu, iBooks and almost any e-reader
within minutes. You can create books on your own or with others via an
easy-to-use web interface or build a community around content with social

Of the software, Forbes said "Booktype will make it easier for companies
and people to collate, organise and edit content, and make it ready for

GoodEReader said it was a "unique crowd-sourced ebook authoring toolkit,"
while ReadWriteWeb explained it as "Wordpress for books" and The Digital
Reader proclaimed it "Inkling Habitat for the rest of us."

Booktype works with a renderer known as Objavi for producing book formatted
PDF, EPUB, ODT, templated HTML and MOBI and other formats. This position
will focus on Objavi development but the applicant is expected to also work
on Booktype.

We offer you the opportunity to...
* Work on open source software.
* Build an application that make the world a better place.
* Work with a friendly and enthusiastic team.
* Here's what we're looking for from you...
* You are passionate about E-book production.
* You have a good knowledge of print production document requirements.
* You have a bachelors or masters degree in computer science.
* You have been growing your skills continuously through your career.
* You are a team player and have a strong work ethic. You get along with
others easily.
* You don't mind working with users on mailing lists to help them figure
out their issues.
* You are excited about open source software and about changing the world.
* Technical skills

You primarily need to be a good software developer and understand
electronic book formats and PDF documents. The following skills are what
will be needed for this job:
* Python - Intermediate/advanced level
* C++ - Intermediate
* QT
* PDF document structure
* wkhtmltopdf
* Webkit
* Ubuntu Linux

Skills that would assist this application greatly include experience with:

* Ebook formats other than PDF and EPUB
* Online print on demand services
* Ghostscript

Please provide CV, code samples, screenshots, references, and your proposed
salary. You may be based anywhere and work remotely.

In the interview you will be asked to program small snippets of code on the

Please send your resume and cover letter to adam.hyde at sourcefabric dot
org with jobs at sourcefabric dot org in cc.
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