[webkit-jobs] Short-term project

Adam Fedor afedor at t1visions.com
Wed Dec 26 19:31:48 PST 2012

WebKit Developer,

We are looking for a developer with good knowledge of WebKit for a short term project involving embedded browser functionality into a MacOSX app, similar to the current MacOSX "WebView" class.  Ideally we'd like to leverage WebKit2 to render content out-of-process (for instance, into an IOSurfaceRef) or alternatively, to just change the rendering to work with Core Animation or OpenGL.  We'd also like more control over events. The current WebView class uses Carbon events, which are outside the control of the application.  We'd like to provide our own event handling and be able to pass this information onto the browser. Another option might be to build the browser into an NPAPI plugin (quite a confusing concept!).

Interested parties should propose a scope of work and estimated completion date in their response. Additional follow-on work is also a possibility.

Adam Fedor
T1Visions LLC
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