[webkit-jobs] Hiring Hackers in San Francisco

Ron Mahjer ronmahjer at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 08:47:10 PDT 2012

Fellow Hackers!

We are a stealth startup based out of San Francisco, and are looking
to hire developers who are familiar with webkit internals to our
existing team of awesome engineers. We are fairly small in size (~10
people), but have a very fun and productive environment to hack on
interesting aspects of technology from mobile hypervisors to webkit.

If you are self motivated, and looking for a great place to work on
very relavant products, please email your resume back to me at
ronmahjer at gmail.com.

A typical good candidate would have proficient experience in C++ or
Obj-C, and is not afraid of delving into system level details or
spending time inside lldb / gdb!

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