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Donna Rutledge drutledg at adobe.com
Mon Nov 28 09:58:37 PST 2011

Sr. Computer Scientist - Web Platform Innovation

Position Summary:

Adobe's Web standards platform group is incubating, prototyping, proposing and implementing new Web features. The new Web features typically come from the group's interaction with the Web community, the Adobe product teams and interactions in different standards organizations. Prototypes are developed in WebKit and, when ready, a specification proposal is made to the appropriate standard body (typically the W3C) along with a prototype demonstrating the new feature and its value. For example, the Web standards platform group has recently proposed and prototyped the CSS Regions, CSS Exclusions and CSS Shaders features.

The group works closely with the different Adobe product groups to identify product opportunities for the new features and identify priorities.


We are looking for someone with interest and passion for web standards (HTML, CSS, SVG, etc...). The successful candidate would be participating in editing standard bodies specifications for new Web features for the web: proposed enhancements to HTML, CSS, SVG, WebGL and other standards. In addition, the candidate would be responsible for prototyping and contributing those features to open source projects such as WebKit. The candidate will work with the support of his/her team and collaborate with our WebKit contributors as well as our standards team. Innovation is a key aspect to the role, and the ideal candidate is creative and thrives in brainstorming sessions.


 *   Minimum of a MSCS.
 *   15 years of software industry experience.
 *   7+ years Web Applications Development experience using HTML, Javascript, CSS, SVG, etc.
 *   7+ years experience with 2/3D Graphics.
 *   5+ years experience participating in standard bodies, representing a major company, and accomplishing a particular result (e.g, publishing a spec, participating to a standard test suite, initiating a new effort).
 *   Experience partnering with other companies in the industry.
 *   Experience developing web technology browser or rendering engine: IE, WebKit, Firefox.
 *   Strong communication skills.
Please email your resume for immediate consideration to webkitjobs at adobe.com<mailto:webkitjobs at adobe.com>.

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