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Alvaro Lopez Ortega alvaro at canonical.com
Mon Nov 7 03:49:15 PST 2011

    *Web Browser Infrastructure Engineer*

Canonical leads the development of Ubuntu. If you're inspired by the 
idea of shaping the daily software experience of millions of users 
around the world, on all sorts of devices, you want to see your skills 
and talents make a meaningful difference in the world, and you believe 
in craftsmanship in everything you do, then read on.

Canonical is seeking a talented, productive and friendly Web 
Infrastructure engineer with experience in C, C++, the Webkit web 
browser engine, Firefox, Chromium and related technologies.

You'll love this job if...

    You are passionate about professional software development of Web
    Infrastructure Software. You have several years experience
    developing Web browser technology, and custom Web browser
    extensions. You have a working familiarity with Javascript Virtual
    Machines internals, perhaps JavaScriptCore or V8.

    You are equally passionate about quality in software, and you
    encourage others to follow your lead in adopting standard practices
    to raise the quality of software in your team. Unit testing comes
    naturally to you, and you ensure that any component or application
    you are responsible for is well tested. You know how to work with QA
    and other quality-oriented teams and enjoy working in teams where
    quality is taken seriously.

    You are intrigued by open source and free software, and excited at
    the thought that free software could become the standard way people
    do their everyday computing, whether it's on a PC or another kind of
    device. You've used free software platforms like Ubuntu before, or
    you've actively participated in the work of a free software project
    like Webkit or GTK. You are open to collaborating on your work with
    volunteers who bring shared interests and diverse perspectives to
    the effort.

In your mind, great software is software that is fast and responsive, 
beautiful, easy to use and stable, and you have experience in how to 
achieve all of those goals. You want to share that experience with other 
developers and learn new techniques yourself. Most importantly, you 
enjoy delivering software that makes a difference for millions of users. 
User experience is paramount; while you have your views about how things 
should be, you like to adapt those views based on feedback and testing.

      Key responsibilities

  * Implement features in Webkit, Chromium and/or Firefox
  * Implement features in JavaScriptCore and V8 Javascript engines
  * Take proactive steps to ensure the quality of code for which you are
  * Evaluate the performance of existing code and propose improvements
  * Use test-driven development, ensure code test coverage, add tests
    for untested code
  * Fix bugs in your components or applications, as prioritized by leads
    and management
  * Integrate application or component into broader automated test and
    benchmark suite
  * Prepare application or component for release on a regular cadence
  * Participate in the release management process and build system
  * Provide reviews of code for other team members and contributors
  * Manage code branches for features and contributions from third party
  * Engage constructively with the open source community around
    applications or components
  * Contribute to existing open source projects to add features needed
    for Unity and Ubuntu

      Required Skills and Experience

  * Excellent C or C++ programming skills with extensive and diverse
    experience of client side software development in these languages
  * Unit testing of graphical applications in C, C++ and other languages
  * Experience collaborating with remote developers, by IM, telephone
    and email
  * Strong ability to analyze and prioritize problems, and root cause
  * Ability to absorb and understand existing codebases and projects quickly
  * Familiarity with design and implementation patterns for desktop /
    client software
  * Accurate estimation of project complexity, risks and time
  * Experience with Linux as a development platform: editors, compilers,
  * Ability to design application structure and debate alternatives with
  * Ability to articulate application design decisions
  * Insight into tradeoffs around software performance, maintainability
    and adaptability
  * Understanding of the performance implications of design alternatives
  * Ability to understand an existing application architecture and build
    on it
  * Desirable Skills and Experience
  * Experience with Qt and QML for cross-platform C++ development
  * Experience with GTK+ and the set of standard Gnome libraries
  * Experience with DBus development, glib and the gobject type system
  * Ubuntu and Debian experience
  * Familiarity with packaging tools such as APT, dpkg, debhelper, and CDBS
  * Test driven development and other agile practices (Launchpad
    experience a plus)
  * Open source and community development experience, with identifiable
    work and contributions to one or more open source projects.
  * Experience of UI design and collaboration with professional designers
  * Thoughtful and articulate blogging
  * Leadership and community building

_*Location*: US or Europe Timezone - Home based_.

All the best,

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