[webkit-jobs] Networking for Webkit Engineers for Palm's webOS Software Team

Brian Aspland (Palm GBU) Brian.Aspland at palm.com
Thu Jan 20 12:54:32 PST 2011

I work for Palm and was doing some networking and someone mentioned that this email address which might target the right webkit community.  With the close of HP's acquisition of Palm last year, we now have extensive funding to back innovative new products which will be coming to Market Feb 9th!

I was hoping spread the word that Palm's webOS Team is looking to build a world class Webkit Team.  Anyone who is able to suggest anyone  whom I could talk to about our new Webkit Developer openings on Palm's webOS Software Teams.  I'm particularly interested in having our recruiters talk with strong C++ software engineers who you know may have also worked in the Webkit Community.   I have recently just started working with Palm's webOS group so my network of senior contacts is pretty small at the moment.  As you know senior individuals prefer to use their professional network to get to senior positions.

Hope you can help at least point me in the right direction?

Thanks for any help in advance,

Brian Aspland
Brian.Aspland at palm.com<http://Brian.Aspland@palm.com>
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