[webkit-jobs] WebKit Sr. Team Lead - Samsung Research and Development

Brian Gilmore b.gilmore at sisa.samsung.com
Tue Aug 30 15:17:13 PDT 2011

WebKit Team Lead


In this position you will develop core software technologies that
leverage the capabilities of future mobile devices and help build the
next generation mobile platform


Provide technical and managerial leadership for the establishment of a
highly skilled team focused on WebKit development... and contribute to
the future development of WebKit for Samsung devices




- MS in Computer Science/Engineering or Electrical Engineering; PhD

- Prior experience forming and leading software development teams
engaged in the development of

browser software for mobile devices

- Expertise in C, C++


Required Skills:


* Excellent knowledge of the WebKit codebase

* Excellent communication skills and a willingness to work with an
international team to deliver rapid prototypes


Desired skills:


* Active contributor to WebKit (reviewer/committer).

* Experience with one or more of the following:

o WebCore architecture

o HTML page loading, parsing, rendering

o JavaScript engines

o 2D graphics libraries

o OpenGL and/or WebGL

o OpenCL

o Browser security

o Multi-threaded browsers

o Multi-process browsers


Samsung Information Systems America is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Email: b.gilmore at sisa.samsung.com <mailto:allison.le at samsung.com> 


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