[webkit-jobs] Python / Webkit Integration Needed for Simple Project

Bradley R. Bailyn, Esq. oceana3 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 20:58:20 PST 2010

Hi there,

I have a guy writing a series of scripts in Python to analyze websites for
SEO purposes. One of the things I need to do is determine how far down on
the page our links are. I don't like when links to my website are pushed all
the way to the bottom of the page. This can only be done on a rendered
version of the page, since there are so many technologies which make
analyzing the code to determine the position on the screen of various
elements highly speculative and inaccurate. I don't think it would be
cost-effective for him to learn how to integrate python and webkit. I would
like you to basically write the python code to perform this task using the
webkit library. You would then give us instructions on how to setup your
script on linux or os/x. Obviously this is meant to be completely
headless... it's a command-line application only he is writing. Here is an
exact example:

Take this website: http://beckoffice.com/ and identify where on the page the
anchor text "european river cruises" shows up relative to the total number
of lines (e,g. top 10%, top 20%, top 80%). We just need to do this with a
csv list of 1000 random websites and anchor text links.

Can you help out with this? If so, could you kindly provide your contact
information, and a timeframe for when you could do this? If you can offer a
price estimate, that would help as well.


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