[webkit-help] How to Debug WebView termination

tenghu guo guotenghu at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 22:31:29 PDT 2021

Hi, my app uses webview to render emails. However, some emails always lead
to webview termination. I want to dig into the root cause of the webview

Here is all the info I got from Xcode console when webview terminated.

*2021-09-16 09:13:16.226266+0800 Outlook-iOS[4850:280029] [Process]
0x14b2c4600 - [PID=4852]
WebProcessProxy::processDidTerminateOrFailedToLaunch: reason=3*

*2021-09-16 09:13:16.226809+0800 Outlook-iOS[4850:280029] [Process]
0x1251d4018 - [pageProxyID=5, webPageID=6, PID=4852]
WebPageProxy::processDidTerminate: (pid 4852), reason 3*

*2021-09-16 09:13:16.235430+0800 Outlook-iOS[4850:280029] [Loading]
0x1251d4018 - [pageProxyID=5, webPageID=6, PID=4852]
WebPageProxy::dispatchProcessDidTerminate: reason=3*

I also opened the Web Inspector from Safari, but it just hangs and there is
no output in the Console tab. I also enabled Timeline to capture the memory
or cpu usage. There is no info about the termination reason. I guess that
when the webview terminates, it can't send live data to the Web Inspector.
The Web Inspector can't get data for the time right before the webview

I followed the advice by Alexey: " it's probably better to analyze crash
logs from the device, and to watch memory use in Simulator."

How can I get crash logs from the device? I have tried two approaches, but
neither works.
1. Check Settings -> Privacy -> Analytics & Improvements -> Analytics Data
on my iPhone. Nothing related to Webkit or my own app.
2. Connect my iPhone to Xcode and check Xcode -> Devices and Simulators ->
View Device Logs. Nothing related to Webkit or my own app.

Any suggestion for me?
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