[webkit-help] Compiling webkit on windows.

Fujii Hironori fujii.hironori at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 18:13:14 PST 2020

On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 6:27 AM Jean-Yves Avenard <jyavenard at gmail.com>

> The issue turned out to be that iTunes no longer install the registry
> key SOFTWARE\\Apple Inc.\\Apple Application Support", L"InstallDir" as
> searched in appleApplicationSupportDirectory
> (
> https://webkit-search.igalia.com/webkit/source/Tools/win/DLLLauncher/DLLLauncherMain.cpp#84
> )
> So I created that entry to c:\program files\iTunes and it's working
> fine now. Can even play a YouTube video
 Oh, I didn't know that. Thank you for reporting. I filed a bug ticket.

Bug 219015 – AppleWin can't start due to "Failed to determine path to AAS
directory." because iTunes changed the registry key

BTW, I hope my blog article
<https://fujii.github.io/2019/07/05/webkit-on-windows/> helps you find the
best Windows port for your use case.

-- Fujii
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