[webkit-help] Compiling webkit on windows.

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 22:53:44 PST 2020


Thanks for the quick response.

I pulled from the git mirror earlier today.
to get WebKitAuxiliaryLibrary.zip I ran the command as documented:

> cd Tools\Scripts
> perl update-webkit

which is supposed to download that lib and extract it to the
WebKitLibraries folder.

$ perl .\Tools\Scripts\update-webkit-auxiliary-libs
Checking for newer version of WebKitAuxiliaryLibrary.zip...
Free to wrong pool 10b6e70 not 9500690069c1fc30 at
C:/Perl64/site/lib/IO/Socket/SSL.pm line 2739.

So nothing really.

If I clean the build directory, and re-run the perl webkit-build then
I get an identical output as yours, except that it exits early with
the ICU not found error.

On Mon, 16 Nov 2020 at 17:39, Fujii Hironori <fujii.hironori at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I uploaded my build log of AppleWin port.
> perl .\Tools\Scripts\build-webkit
> https://gist.github.com/fujii/8adbbda3f42648317740ee02015f0ba1
> The difference between yours and mine is this:
> > Checking for newer version of WebKitAuxiliaryLibrary.zip...
> > Located a file of type application/zip of size 2487226.
> > Current WebKitAuxiliaryLibrary is up to date.
> What will happen for the following command in your env?
> perl .\Tools\Scripts\update-webkit-auxiliary-libs
> -- Fujii

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