[webkit-help] Wincairo build for 32 bit

Thomas Brodt thomas.brodt.lists at porabo.ch
Wed Jul 29 01:50:59 PDT 2020


unfortunately I still have problems. I can build webkit.dll successfully 
(with warnings), but it has unresolved imports, so a LoadLibrary of 
webkit.dll fails with error 127 "The specified procedure could not be 
found.". All DLLs can be resolved, but not the procedure entry points.

Dependencies (newer version of dependency walker for win10) finds them 
as procedures in libEGL.dll, jpeg62.dll (wincairo prereq), OLEAUT32.dll 
and WSOCK32.dll. All other DLLs look fine.

I also downloaded a recent Wincairo64 build by the build bot from S3, 
but this one also has these missing imports. Running the minibrowser 
however works and doesn't seem to have issues.

Can someone give me any hint where to look?



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