[webkit-help] Support for PKCS11 / Smartcard?

mailto428496 mailto628496 at cox.net
Fri Nov 30 18:33:43 PST 2018


It does not appear that webkit has support for PKCS 11 and hence
smartcard devices, unless I am missing something...?  I was wondering if
there were any plans to implement this for webkit browsers?

To provide background, I am currently trying to use the Evolution mail
client on Linux with Micrisoft O365 mail using OAuth2.  During this
process webkit is called to bring up the 3rd party auth page.  I work
for a government agency where smartcards auth is preferred, but the
webkit browser (probably spawning something similar to MiniBrowser) does
not understand how to talk to the smartcard interface.

Any help / direction would be appreciated.



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