[webkit-help] Is building wincairo 32bit still supported?

Thomas Brodt thomas.brodt.lists at porabo.ch
Wed May 30 07:13:05 PDT 2018

I need to compile a current version of webkit with wincairo in 32 bit. 
That raises some questions, and I would be happy if someone could help 
me out:

Is this 32 bit wincairo port still supported? Old versions were built 
with build-webkit --wincairo --win32

The WinCairoRequirements only include the 64bit version. I know that two 
years ago, I could copy these in 32bit from 
https://github.com/peavo/WinCairoRequirements. Is this still the correct 
source, as the last build was two years ago and the automatically 
downloaded version using update-webkit is quite current of May 16?

Is anyone besides me still using 32 bit?

Thanks for any help


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