[webkit-help] Can webextension be loaded directly instead of specifying a directory?

Leo Ufimtsev Leonidas at redhat.com
Wed Nov 22 07:17:47 PST 2017


The current api to load a webextension is to point it to a folder with

.. webkit_web_context_set_web_extensions_directory(..)
.. webkit_web_context_set_web_extensions_initialization_user_data (..)

Is there a way to specify the exact .so file instead of specifying a
(e.g load the module manually?).

We package webkitgtk into a jar and interact with it via JNI. Extracting
'.so' files and dealing with a separate directory is a bit complicated in
that context, it would be preferred to point to specific .so file.

Thank you.


Leo Ufimtsev, Software Engineer, Red Hat
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