[webkit-help] Creating new tabs

Jesse ki4jgt at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 23:54:06 PDT 2016

I'm a complete beginner in GUI programming. My first major project? A 
web browser. I have to say, It's come a LONG way. I have forward and 
back buttons (which only show when available). I have an address bar 
which can search the web and correct urls missing protocol prefixes. I 
have tabs and a way to update the address bar and title bar when tabs 
are changed. The purpose of my browser is to add features which most 
browsers don't have (but should): single-key minimization (we can all 
guess what that's for). Built-in torrent downloading, password access, 
browser storage encryption, etc.

I can't seem to get how new windows/tabs work with webkit2 though. I 
have a main webkit variable running as "session" and I spawn new tabs 
from this. Also, I'm using Gtk3. However, I don't know how to receive a 
signal and uri of a new tab when the browser itself requests it. I'm 
currently connecting webview::decide-policy to a function so that when a 
webview calls for a new tab, I know about it. I just cannot decipher the 
uri that my new tab needs to point to.

Thanks for your time.

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